We get the word from the Turkish, Yenicheri, meaning “New Soldiers.” The Ottoman custom was to kidnap boys or to take them as tribute from the vassal lands of the Christian Balkans, to force them to convert to Islam, and to make of them the Sultan’s soldiers-elite, his guardians, until they rose high enough and strong enough to succeed to the Sultanate through use of the bow-string. Thus the Slav slaves, torn from their homes, rose to control the Ottoman Empire.

   Now we have children, torn from their homes, fearfully mishandled and in many cases feloniously so, thrown across the US border to points unknown through the hazy transactions of federal, state, and municipal agencies of various remits and mission statements. Hidden away from cameras and close scrutiny by the press, many of these children have already been transported further into the country, handed off to vaguely identified “relatives” in the US.

   These orphans, terrorized and sickly, frightened and homesick, are then met by baying, hateful crowds at their destination! How much more horrible could it be? Given the warmth of the welcome they’ve received, we can expect those who are not returned to have few recourses outside of the shadow world, where gangs, slavers, politicians and other assorted goblins lie in wait. Or, perhaps, they’ll find places within the rapidly expanding and militarizing security apparatus itself.

   The natural human response to these tiny, helpless children, our heartfelt sympathy, is subverted by the machinations, vociferations and incitements of the tireless political minority that strives, on either side of the aisle, to rule this country, and with it the world.

   So, these individual and precious lives, whom former Speaker Pelosi says we should “Treat like the Baby Jesus,” become the chess-pieces of this new game: a kind of genetic gerrymandering, where ethnic seeds are sown, broadcast, really, to the winds. What roots will these children have? What will spawn from these precious imported seedlings, so brutally transplanted? It is a fateful sociological experiment, to be sure, that the government, by inaction and obfuscations, that the government approves.

   And–tiresome question–what about those who obeyed the rules, entered the country legally, and are still waiting for citizenship? Or who now see their hard-won and treasured citizenship thus diluted, adulterated, devalued? What a farcical demonstration of a Republic, based on laws, not men!

   How can such a government, acting on Diktat, caprice, and “Executive Order” to legitimize and to certify unlawful conduct by millions, be considered legitimate?

   How then can we be considered a Republic, without rule of law, the only bulwark against waywardness of the fickle majority?

   Most important, how can honest Americans continue to support such a felonious set-up, with our sweat, treasure and tears?

   Perhaps a helpful prod from the sword of the new janissaries will inspire you.

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