1823 Friday (3 hours ago)

Dear Reader,

You will find an Amazon credit of $100,000 for your recent exploit with the laser as well as an offer to find out important information about people you know and work with. Maybe you can buy fun rifle accessories or a couple years’ worth of survival foods and that Geiger-Müller counter you’ve been aching for. And body armor. A regular feast-day for the Apocalypse-minded.

Because now that you’re an “accessory” as it were to the “gas explosion” that killed Morris Ambien, now that you’ve joined with us, you also get some benefits! Sort of like “Member’s Rewards”, or, in Morris’s case, “Dismembers Rewards”! Haha. “Gas explosion”! He had oil heat!

Curious about the, ahem, reading habits of your neighbors? What your boss was really doing in Tegucigalpa? Would you like to know the location of anyone, anytime? What they’re saying? And doing? Who wouldn’t?!?!

You can taste the power of the gods, can’t you, Reader?

How about what your spouse’s or… You-Know-Who’s doing… right now? Or, even, Who they’re doing? Not to suggest anything. But if you could see what we see…

Anyway, let us know what or whom you’re curious about. And welcome to the marketplace of ideas, where dreams can come true, if you’re willing to trade for them.

In the short-term, however, enjoy your winnings. You earned them!

Best Regards, 

Your New BEST Friends at Bmail

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