Re: Your New Friends at BMail 

0833 Saturday (2 hours ago)

Dear Friend,

Well, somebody else did your work for you, in regards to Professor Bitterneck, didn’t they? And yes, we know you were there, and ready to oblige us. Your phone told us as much. But what about all those others? Who else was there, eh? Who else might have been detailed by Your New Friends at Bmail not just for the Doctor’s one-way journey, but for yours, too? Never doubt that someone is monitoring you, Esteemed Friend. If you doubt us, we encourage you to see the attached file for your own schedule and timings for the next two weeks. We have you pretty well sighted-in. And that phone of yours! What a help! Because your phone (and ample visual evidence) places you–likely armed!–at the murder scene, along with several known neo-Nazis, shaheedi, drug-traffickers and other underworld figures. I’m sure the authorities would welcome a chance to have a word with you.

Thus it would be best if you remembered that you still have not performed that “favor” we asked of you.

You really witnessed something, didn’t you, Reader? As in, “materially” witnessed, you know what we mean?

You still owe us.


Your New Friends at Bmail
ATTACHED: YourSchedule.docx 221K

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