Invasion. Collapse. From the cellular level to the civilization we currently inhabit, the forces of incursion press each and every one of us, our families, our neighbors; our institutions.

And now, as the meaning of this Eboliacal assault on our very organs through the vector of air transport becomes more evident, many of us will come to understand that this invisible death was imported from abroad. And that every safeguard we’ve erected to prevent our infiltration by enemy agents of terror has been upstaged by a viral agent of terror.

Our edifice is being invaded. “Infrastructure” will degrade if left unmanned. Soon, those who serve the public will begin to succumb to pathogens, poisons, or, perhaps worst, psychopathologies. What Orlov and others deem “Collapse” is likely to domino very quickly, perhaps even starting with a LaGuardia airport cleanup crew strike.

And other things with it. Further amplifying our invasive analogy is the ingress upon our personal space by forces and instruments of moral-governmental control, which are grossly trespassing upon grounds once held sacred by all Americans: the fields of human conscience. The republican safeguards erected so many long years ago have proven permeable by time and the unstoppable onslaught of lawyering. Our personal defenses against the tightening embrace of “Those in Authority” have proven much more membranous than many of us had hoped.

Even at the cellular level–and by this I mean not the building blocks of your body, but the cellphone or “Device” or “iThing” you currently employ–a careful watch is being made of you. Obligingly, perhaps unwittingly, you afford your coordinates, your calendar, as well as a convenient list of contacts to be leveraged against you, should you perhaps be identified as a threat to the health–and the governing policies–of the body politic.

Not even established epidemiological precedent can overturn our leadership caste’s position on this. From CDC to WHO to, we are told that as “Leader” of this new war against a virus, that our troops must be deployed, our doors remain open and the flights continued because to quarantine X nation would degrade its already fragile medical infrastructure, or some other hastily rationalized claptrap. We are urged to trust in these blithe reassurances, and reminded of the great debt the modern world owes to the African continent and its peoples. All of which further hamstrings the proper response to epidemic virus,

Rather than isolate and contain the source of the virus, the desire to be perceived as “colorblind”, “equitable” and “responsible” trumps science in a way that would make the biologist Lysenko of the Stalin Era blush.

And thus we have our first Poisson Scattering of the disease, from LAX to DFW to ORD to LAG, to Nebraska and Georgia, if indeed this disease did arrive at random.

Nor is the insidious limited to the microbiological. Diseased thinking obtains at the Macro level.

The same handicap of political correctness revealed itself in the President’s thinking as he attempted to reply to Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes, 28 September. The President spoke of only being able to work with an Iraqi Government that could prove itself truly representative of the diverse parties and peoples of Iraq, my eyebrows nearly flew off. With the enemy ISIS, or ISIL, or the “Khorasan Group” at the gates of Baghdad! An enemy he hasn’t even really bothered to name, yet. The “L” is for “Levant”, if that helps.

Certainly the Baghdad regime’s bigger need now is active rifleman to shoot at these modernized Bedouins, rather than an HR-approved stakeholders’ gathering. On their side, the Kurds would like to avoid their own genocide at the hands of the Bedouins, if it won’t bruise the sensitivities of the Turks, of course, still smarting from the whole Armenian massac… sorry, misunderstanding.

Thus the absurd must, by force, triumph over reality. It is the special effect we overlay onto reality. It is the hope that by some technological cheat we will perform a feat of the truly impossible, a Keanu Reeves display of acrobatics, that will force reality into more cosmetic and appetizing accord with our wishes.

This great force is Humankind’s surest signature: Hubris, pure and simple, and as sure as day follows night, Nemesis tracks close behind. If it means a great monetary reset, the destruction of the Republic, or, even a universal “Shelter in Place” order to combat a pandemic, don’t act surprised.

The lights are coming up now. The magic show is over. Revealed is the harshness of reality, come to invade us all.

And now Civilization itself, never more than six meals away from collapse, is revealed as threadbare, skeletal, and barely clothed at all.

The Great Reset has begun.

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